Glorious Taber Corn


Taber area soil is perfect for growing corn, it drains well and has the right nutrients to grow excellent corn. The long sunny days, cooler nights and some of the longest frost-free periods in Alberta make good weather for corn growing.

The French call it terroir – the taste influence of climate, soil, seed and grower controlled factors, like planting, cultivation, and harvest.

Producers harvest corn in the early hours of the day when the corn is cool. Taber is surrounded by Alberta’s market. Corn is fresher because corn speeds from picking to eating daily.

Tips On Setting Up Camp


There is a saying that pull-thru sites save marriages, and I will agree to that on some occasions!

For the RV newbie, setting up your campsite once you have arrived can be a daunting task, but it does not have to be. It can be fun and easy, and involving everyone makes it a team event that only gets simpler the more you do it.

Depending on the size and style of RV you have, there are steps to take to get everything set up and allow you to maximize your time in the great outdoors.

Lake Arnault RV Resort


Lake Arnault RV Resort is only one hour west of Edmonton, but it offers the peace and tranquility of old-style camping with all the services needed to run modern-day RVs. The resort is nestled on 147 acres of naturalistic setting, with one-half mile of lakefront. It is a gated, family-friendly resort that boasts an abundance of trees, beautiful walking trails, and a chance to truly enjoy nature.

First Time Camping

Photo Courtesy of Banff Lake Louise Tourism / Paul Zizka Photography

Many of us didn’t grow up camping and it can be very intimidating to get started. Questions might include: “Do I have to go out and purchase a whole bunch of gear for just one camping trip?” “What if a bear tries to get into our tent?” “What do we do if the kids are still awake at midnight or if one of them wakes up in the middle of the night?” And the questions go on to form a very long, and often overwhelming, list.

I myself didn’t grow up camping but have grown to love this popular summer activity over the past several years. I can assure you that every trip gets a little bit easier and you’ll become a pro in no time. First though, you’ve got to get started.

Group Meal Planning


We know food cooked outside tastes better and so does everyone around the picnic table. You want to spend quality time with your family, but need a break from the full-time kitchen duty – short of hiring a combination butler-chef Ramsey-outfitter guide for your RV experience, what is a camper to do? Here is some hard earned advice on how to tackle the family meals.

Have the Conversation

Gather the troops for a planning discussion. Nail down the part of the menu that will be shared. Everyone will have a favourite camping food. This discussion can be as formal as a chaired meeting with minutes circulated, (don’t laugh until you have tried it), or as simple as an email discussion.

Group Camping Guide


My family has been using group campgrounds for the past few years and we’ve found that it greatly increases our camping enjoyment. In a nutshell, a group campground is a large group camping area, sometimes located within a normal campground and sometimes set apart and completely private. Most group campgrounds can accommodate both tents or trailers and the cost breaks down to be roughly the same price per unit as it would be for camping in a normal campground.

Stay for 3 nights and Pay for 2

Franchere Bay Provincial Recreational Area - courtesy of Alberta Parks.

Reduced Midweek Rates at Select Alberta Parks Alberta Parks is offering campers the chance to experience some of its provincial campgrounds at a reduced rate this summer. Until October 15th, you can Stay for 3 nights and Pay for 2 – valid Sunday through Thursday. So if you book on a Sunday and Monday, you’ll…